Candidate Statement

I'm ready to stand for what the district believes in. For too long, we have sent state representatives to Sacramento with the belief that they will act in the best interest of each Californian. Sadly, that is not always the case. 

I am running for the California State Assembly because I want to bring honesty and integrity to Sacramento. It is time to reign in bloated government spending that does not benefit those it is intended to benefit.

It is time to lower taxes on hard-working Californians so they can invest in their families and their communities. It is time to lower the regulatory and tax burdens on California employers so they can keep jobs here instead of moving them overseas or to other states.

It is time to redirect and rededicate tax dollars to the purpose they were established to address.

It is time to commit more tax money to schools; I will concentrate on getting the money into the classrooms and to the teachers.

It is time to do more to help our seniors and veterans through efficient and common sense programs to meet their pressing needs.

If you give me the honor to represent and serve you, I will go to Sacramento to achieve these goals. To lead by example, I will give $50,000 of my salary for use in the classrooms in my district.

Kevin Melton

"Do what is right, not what is easy."


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